Friday, October 31, 2008

Photography of Feeder Birds simplify things.

Purple Finch
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I went to Great Piece Meadows yesterday to see if I could find some Raptors to Photo but conditions were hampering west winds 10 to 20 mph which put everything under cover, so I decided to take the trek to my local watering hole the wonderful sanctuary were I cut my first Birding teeth, Lorrimar N.J Audubon of Franklin Lakes N.j, this fine Purple Finch was a welcoming site and did not mind my Digiscoping set-up within close focus with my Kowa 883 is 16 ft.
I try not to take the Bird feeder Photo route unless conditions out in the field are really crappy because the Birds are put basically on a platter for ,you but some times it can be a bit challenging and its good practice on focusing technique also Lorrimar along with the other NJAS will be getting a good variety of winter Finches in the next few months,

Take care
Good Birding

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My self portrait ,Yea rite HA HA HA!

This Capture reminds me when I use to be a Guitar player in a couple of bands, whenever we finished the show I would hold my Guitar up by the neck and wave off a goodnight Philly!

Digiscoping is a passion which I love along with Birding ,and my ultimit goal in my captures is sparkling sharpness with fine feather detail, thanks for the viewings and support.

Field Sparrow@ Glen Hurst Meadows

Field Sparrow
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Sparrows and more Sparrows that is what Glen Hurst Meadows has to offer otherwise known as Warren Green Acres , Glen Hurst is well known for sought after species such as Conneticut Warbler, Orange Crowned Warbler. Vesper Sparrow, Le Contes Sparrow and many others.

Best season Fall Sept to Nov .

Good Birding
Kevin Bolton

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Common Yellowthroat Zoom Eyepiece @ 40 power/Cardinal 25 LER Eyepiece

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I have been recently taken Digiscoping captures with my 20x60 Zoom eyepiece which leeds me to the question what is better suited for Digiscoping a Zoom eyepiece or fixed.
I myself utilize the 20x60 Zoom and also use the 25LER , I think Kowa zoom eyepiece when the lighting conditions are good you can Zoom in for fine detail like this Common Yellowthroat , the Cardinal capture was taken with the 25 LER Kowa eyepiece is great for shooting in the green macro zone of the camera because there will be less vignetting to crop out and you can get a wider Fstop value which will give a higher shutter speed in low light conditions.

Take care and great Birding

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palm Warbler @ Overpeck

Palm Warbler
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Hello all

Overpeck preserve is teaming with Palm and Yellow Rump Warblers these are the predominate Warblers at this time of the year with plenty of Digiscoping opps, I will also start leaning towards Sparrows for my ultimate Sharpness and feather detail goal,
then I will be replacing better Quality Pics for the sub-par shots and phasing out my Vortex catalog captures.

As for tomorrow I will be visiting Overpeck and Mill Creek as a combo trip so I will in the field all day with some new captures!

Good Birding

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cold Brook Preserve

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Birded Cold Brook Preserve this morning facing overcast conditions which plagued the whole weekend, my total Digiscoping time frame for the whole weekend is about 2 hours,I was run and gunning to get as many captures as I can , this Dickcissel was a pleasant surprise also as a life bird for me Dickcissels frequent Cold Brook with sightings usually every October.
Cold Brook Preserve is part of the Hunterdon Park system and a excellent fall migrant hot-spot ex specially for Sparrows, in the up coming weeks Cold Brook will be shining with Vesper,Lincolns,White Crowned, White Throated, Savannah, Field,Chipping along with some of the rarer guys Nelsons Sharp Tailed and so on, usually at that time the corn fields are cut down to stubble which makes for more viewing .

So give Cold Brook Preserve a try during the next two months .

Good Birding

Friday, October 3, 2008

Camera Choices

Sometimes a difficult decision in Digiscoping is picking the right camera to do the job

Questions like these sometimes arise / How many Megapixles do I need ? Should I get a SLR or Point & Shoot ? Does the camera have aperture preferred mode for better control of the shutter speed? I know complex questions for the entry level Digiscopers which I was one not to long ago.

For me I would prefer an advanced point&shoot like the Nikon P5100 or the 8400 which I would give my left arm for / maybe I should say my Kingdom for a Cool pix 8400!

On megapixles 8 to 12 are fine even 7 .

The new Nikon Coolpix 6000 looks interesting its 14 megapixles ,but that does not interest me, the thing that does is that you can shoot in RAW mode which does not taint the image quality as JPEG does, also Panasonic has a new model out that shoots in Raw also and has a few focal length features that the Nikon does not exhibit/ And remember try to bring your scope and adaptor if you have one to your local camera shop to test the Cameras vignetting through the Eyepiece ,you will have less headaches by driving back and forth to return lines.

Good Birding