Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cloning technique and Fish Crow captures

Should I clone or should I not that is the question. I recently went to the Meadowlands to try for this Red Shouldered Hawk that seemed to have every time I tried for a captured a ton of branches obstructing the composition,I followed this Raptor for some time till finally I got my chance ,it was quite a nice Shot but still I had to remove some branches to make the capture presentable here is the transformation. please let me know if you see any infractions.

                                                 And the final version all obstructions removed.
 After the Meadowland I decided to head to Elmwood park at the Passiac River to a very reliable Fish Crow spot .    

What a great time these guys were very tame and it was great to work on getting my Black detail's down, It was funny I heard American Crows in the same area but they were no way as approachable .


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kowa/Telephoto Lens/Scope

I have just added another fine Blog that get's my total endorsement due to the three talented contributors of extraordinary detail from a revolutionary product  to Digiscoping/Photography community.
Roy Halpin has been a pioneer to the Digiscoping community along with alot of notches in his belt with company's like Pentax,Kowa,Swarvorski,which makes him a great resource on what's the latest hot item within the Photography and Digiscoping community.So when Roy launched this Blog I decided to give him a Spot on my Blog roll, you have to see some of the fine work Neil Fifer and Paul Hackett are producing with the Photo Scope incredible!         

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Changing my Blog name+ Lifebird#401

What's in a name you say ?  Time for change. I now modified my Blog to Jersey Digiscoping with Kowa Prominar ,I thought it would be a little more catchy , thanks Roy R my co-worker for the help.

On Sunday I had the chance to add another life Bird to my list a Black Headed Gull #401, it is not a stellar shot but good for document purposes .

 Plenty of Waterfowl was available at the Waterfront like Ruddy Ducks and Red Breasted Merganser.

   It  was a pleasure using the TSN-10Z Zoom eyepiece, to bring out the details of these Canvasbacks.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A tribute to my mentor

Mike McDowell has always been an inspiration to many budding Digiscopers and Birders alike including me.
Mike helped me develop my style behind the Scope with sharing some of the tricks of the trade along with his sense of humor, and without his guidance I would probably not be at the skill level I am at currently, he is also an ace with troubleshooting along with figuring out just about any Scope camera combination on the market adapting his knowledge to were he is employed Eagle Optics along with his blog.
So here is a toast to you Mike O Bud from all of us to all of you with your stellar work thanks.