Monday, May 30, 2011

Canon EOS7D overcast

I went to the NJAS  for some feeder Birds to fine toon  my DSLR focusing technique, the neutral setting on the CanonEOS 7D sharpening is negative so you can add many levels of Unsharpen mask to a Raw file.

Sony ALT-55

I recently have been using the Sony ALT-55 featuring  translucent mirror technology.
I think this SLR has less mirror slap than the CanonEOS7D along with the Nikon D700S, giving less blurred shots at a Shutter Speed below 1/500th of a second , another great feature is being able to magnifies the image with the viewfinder which is great for tuning the focus in, here are some samples.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kowa BD series Binoculars in Camo close out price.

I recently  asked Jim D of Kowa I need a pair compact Binoculars that are easy on my neck when carrying all of my scope plus backpack full of gear and he gave me a pair of the BD-series 10x32 in camo ,what a great choice for being lite weight not to mention the Crystal clear viewing all of Kowa's products provide.
The Standard BD series painted in camo same coating as the original are available at a close out price if interested contact Jim Danzenbaker

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vacation Warbler Roundup

Now that my so called vacation is at the tail end , I think I a great Round up of Warblers to fit in my catalog,not to mention me and Jim Danzenbaker Sales Manager of Kowa Optics had a terrific outing along  the powerline trail off  Ironwood drive one of the only Golden Winged Warbler Hotspots that  has not been molested by the Power authority with there clear cutting , here are some captures from Iron Wood.

 Some of my best capture's were my Chestnut Sided Warblers , in which I did not have the Hood Loop on my LCD screen Jim was using hit to ward of the bright lite to obtain a Blue Winged Warbler capture.

 Also there plenty of Blue Winged Warblers and Ruby Throated Humming birds for entertainment.

On Another outing I ventured Down to Robert Stahl Park in Bedminister a great location for breeding Prairie Warblers .

In a summary I think this years Migration was a bit week ,making me rely on the breeding Zones for about 75% of my captures.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yellow Warblers

A great compliment to my Blue Winged Warbler series would be some Yellow Warblers yes they are more common but certainly not lacking in the brilliance department .

Blue Winged Warbler

What luck today I staged an area at Lord Stirling Park which is part of the Great Swamp and had some of the best opportunity for Blue Winged Warbler, I had some captures between 20 and 25 feet which was perfect for this species, on only wish I could of changed my metering it got really frustrating when I could not get a focus lock on some of the better composition shots, but I did manage to get a few decent shot's.

Friday, May 6, 2011

May the begining

Every year I always plan my vacation to coincide with  the Passerine migration and to Digiscope as many Warblers  I can get without going nuts especially at Garret Mountain one of the best migrant traps of the east coast  but not very Digiscope friendly , I would say because of the pedestrian traffic on the weekends along with many towering budding Oaks,Maples and others which will keep most of the Birds near the Stratosphere.

If  you can squeeze out some good captures here every other location will be a piece of cake on the Digiscoping menu, These Northern Parula's that I Digiscoped were a chance of luck by the stream but I did manage two decent ones.

I also got some decent Blue Jay captures which  I have been missing for some time now for being one of the more common species.

                      Thrushes started to come in numbers today with plenty of Wood and Swainson's

                   Some of my best captures with the lighting were Eastern Pheobes and a Catbird along
                   with a ground feeding Rose Breasted Grosbeak.
I will be going to the Great Swamp tomorrow to look for some breeders and hopefully get some more Warblers.