Friday, July 15, 2011

Jerseydigiscoping 3 years /There on the move Fall migration.

Wow it's that time again break out the noise makers and fan fair ,, all kidding aside folks thanks to all on supporting JerseyDigiscoping, I really appreciate the Questions and love helping Beginners to Experts alike,and you guys helped me in the past with some decisions on equipment or just life and that is just plain excellent.

On the Birding/Digscoping front I noticed Marsh Wrens are really singing up a storm and had this beauty.
Fall insn"t to far behind would you say I seen an increase of Yellow Warblers with nice amount of immature Birds flickering around.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out with the Herons and Swallows

I was at Mill Creek Marsh at the perfect tide with no Peeps around on there southbound journey I found a nice group of Snowy Egrets slashing through the local Killie population.

And to my Surprise I found  a beautiful Yellow Crowned Night Heron Hunting Crabs this gave my a great chance to work on my manual focusing  with the Nikon D7000 .

As my morning was coming to a end I did manage some Tree Swallow captures before the heat of the day took over.