Saturday, August 2, 2008

New gear!!!

Indigo Bunting
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I am a bit excited today because I have been using my new scope setup.
The Kowa Prominar 883 is great!! The 88mm makes low light shooting easier and the 25x LER eyepiece is a wonderful wide angle eyepiece, only thing is I also purchased the 30x wide angle eyepiece and I am having some issues with the viewing field being of to the left on the LCD, and Vingneting not dissapearing till optical zoom is zoomed at the halfway mark ,which in a wide angle eyepiece I assumed the vignetting was suppose to be gone at the tailend of the wide zoom zone instead of half way through the tele zoom, so I called Kowa and they are looking into the problem.

Here is a Indigo Bunting taken with the 25xLER with a shutter about 1/34 and it looks good, if conditions were right with better lighting this capture would have been primo.

Good Birding

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