Thursday, September 18, 2008

Overpeck Preserve

Scarlet Tanager
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Birded Overpeck for about 4 hour today with my conventional Photo bud Ami.

Overpeck is a bit different for Digiscoping compared to my other locations being that there are no Shorebirds to be temped with for easy shots thats good thing cause I really have to sharpen my skills on some of the twig jumpers like this female Scarlet Tanager also I have some good captures of Common Yellowthroats and missed a beauty of a Conneticut Warbler Dang Nabit.

Overpeck is a great Migrant trap in the fall and noted to be a Rarity Magnet .birds that were sited in the past that are worth intrest are/

Yellow Breasted Chat
Nelson Sharp Tailed Sparrow
Blue Grosbeak
Orange Crowned Warbler
Clay Colored Sparrow
Lark Sparrow
Fork Tailed Flycatcher= old record
Conn Warbler

This is just a small list of what was sited so there is prob more records out there.

Saturday I will be Digiscoping and Birding Sandy Hook .


teaneck Creek Conservancy said...

Have you ever come across the roadway and shot in our park - the Teaneck Creek Conservancy?
Many avid birders here. We are presently upgrading our website to include some of the very special birds one sees here. Maybe you'd like to contribute. Check us out at:
Next Audubon bird walk scheduled for 9/27 @ 8:30. meets in our parking lot.

Kevin said...

Yes Another great spot, I will be there soon.