Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Common Yellowthroat Zoom Eyepiece @ 40 power/Cardinal 25 LER Eyepiece

Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
I have been recently taken Digiscoping captures with my 20x60 Zoom eyepiece which leeds me to the question what is better suited for Digiscoping a Zoom eyepiece or fixed.
I myself utilize the 20x60 Zoom and also use the 25LER , I think Kowa zoom eyepiece when the lighting conditions are good you can Zoom in for fine detail like this Common Yellowthroat , the Cardinal capture was taken with the 25 LER Kowa eyepiece is great for shooting in the green macro zone of the camera because there will be less vignetting to crop out and you can get a wider Fstop value which will give a higher shutter speed in low light conditions.

Take care and great Birding

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