Friday, October 31, 2008

Photography of Feeder Birds simplify things.

Purple Finch
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I went to Great Piece Meadows yesterday to see if I could find some Raptors to Photo but conditions were hampering west winds 10 to 20 mph which put everything under cover, so I decided to take the trek to my local watering hole the wonderful sanctuary were I cut my first Birding teeth, Lorrimar N.J Audubon of Franklin Lakes N.j, this fine Purple Finch was a welcoming site and did not mind my Digiscoping set-up within close focus with my Kowa 883 is 16 ft.
I try not to take the Bird feeder Photo route unless conditions out in the field are really crappy because the Birds are put basically on a platter for ,you but some times it can be a bit challenging and its good practice on focusing technique also Lorrimar along with the other NJAS will be getting a good variety of winter Finches in the next few months,

Take care
Good Birding


kshea said...


Feeder birds are also great for refining your setup. I have found that when switching between cameras and setups over the last year, not everything I put on my scope acts as I would expect. Backyard/Feeder birds cooperate to allow me to make adjustments I wouldn't normally have time/ability to make in the field.

Keep up the good work.


Kevin said...

Yea good point Kshea thanks for posting, another Question what do you think about Photographers bringing artifical perches and posting them within feet of themself hoping for a subject{BIRDS]to land for an easy shot?

Personaly I cant stand still be it a blind or whatever.

kshea said...

Heh, I've never heard of photographers bringing their own props in hopes a bird will perch, it sounds a bit silly. Though I suppose there is ethically nothing wrong with supplying a perch for a bird you're trying to photograph, it's not something that sounds very exciting to me.

Blinds are another story all together. Rarely do I bird/digiscope anywhere a blind is available. When I have had the opportunity to sit in one, I usually end up taking a nap on the floor. I will say that all of the camo hides/gear that the Portuguese digiscopers on Flickr use looks really cool.


Kevin said...

Yea they have some pretty cool camo ala natural.