Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nikon P6000

Yesterday I tested the P6000 on a Dog about 40 feet in distance, the first thing I noticed is that the pitch is on the money with the URE-21 adaptor coupling with the KOWA 43 mm adaptor ring which is good for it being on center un-like the URE-20,also the the image sensor was designed for SLR cameras which will be a plus for better image quality which has been a downfall for P&S cameras in the past.

One thing Inoticed with the P6000 is that it takes a tad bit more optical zoom to get rid of any Vignetting in which the amount isn't to bad, I enclosed some camera comparison shots with the 5100&6000 check out the larger LCD on the 6000 which is a plus and how much bigger is the URE-21 adaptor.


kshea said...


Good luck finding some decent weather to get out and test in. When I get stir-crazy and need to test something I find a resolution chart online and just take a pile of shots at different settings then re-evaluate how I can tweak my method.


Kevin said...


The wind was terrible today but I did get a couple decent shots at the N.J.A.S , I am quite satisfied with the P6000 another cool selection is in shutter and Manual mode you can adjust your Shutter 1000 1250 1600 and 2000,
With 5100 you could only do that in Manual and it only went from 1000 to 2000 no in-between.

The memory card I have an issue with at 13MP SET ON Fine quality I only got about 182 pics which on the P5100 with the same setting you get about 280 pics at 12MP

Tony Perrotta said...

Hi Kevin, Love your site and your pics are outstanding. i have been looking for a reason and have not found one yet as to ahy a 35mm DSLR is not used for Digiscoping with a T adapter.?? Can you shed some light for me?

Regards Tony P

Anonymous said...

So having used this camera and after researching other cameras and even the DSLR option; would you recommend someone buy this particular camera? Right now I'm digiscoping with a Canon SD850is and I get noisy and sometimes not very sharp pictures. From what I can tell you're pics are not so noisy and quite sharp. Perhaps its just your post-processing, but they look better than what I can get. I don't like to do a ton of photoshop work but yeah I do a little. So any advice on what camera upgrade to do would be great. I'm using a Swaro ATS 80HD and DCA adapter by the way (w/ cable release adapter too)

mccombe.brian said...

Hi Kevin.
Greetings from North West France.
I am at last taking the "plunge" into digiscoping(please note i am a beginner!!!!!!!)
I am using the TSN 883 with 20x60x and the P6000 is en route from Amazon in the UK.
I have been supplied by the Kowa dealer an adapter that fits onto the 20x60 to enable me to position tne Nikon lens within the Kowa eyepiece.Is it possible after "tweaking" the Nikon zoom(To eliminate vignetting)to begin digiscoping,or must i go to even further expence !!!!!!!!!and buy the DA 1.
Your advise would be greatly received
PS.Fantastic photos congratulations.I hope one day to acheive results such as yours(with hours and hours of practise !!).
Best wishes Kevin.
Great Site.