Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation roundup am I satified with my accomplishment?

My vacation is winding down now , am I satisfied with my Digiscoping accomplishment yes and no,
you say? Part of it was on my Warblers captures ex specially the Blue Winged Warbler I know it is a decent shot but I think using a angled scope hampers my tracking ability giving me only one frame to work. with also I feel I lost a decent Blackburnian capture in the same manor among others,
Although I think this common Yellowthroat was one of my better captures.


Jerry Jourdan said...

Yeah, Kevin - you can be satisfied!
Great job!

dAwN said...

Great photo!

Dale Forbes said...

the fluffed up posture is interesting, and crystal clear.

using an angled scope for digiscoping is always going to be difficult, especially when tracking flying birds or these little jittery warblers that never sit still. Given the number of great warbler shots, I'll hazard a guess that you are both gifted and spend a huge amount of time behind your digiscoping setup.

I suppose, if you want a consistently good forehand, you have to spend time every day out on the tennis court.

btw, I have just posted this week's installment of "digiscoping today" and it would be great if you would also contribute something.

happy birding

S.C.E. said...

The Yellowthroat pic is outstanding.....

Kevin said...

Thanks everybody for the kind comments ,Dale correct on the angled+straight scope views.