Monday, June 15, 2009

Flight shot ala Digiscoping

I finally messed around with some Black Skimmer flight shots this past Saturday,
It is a technique that takes getting used too.


Dale Forbes said...

nice job on the flight shot! got any more to show off?


Kevin said...

That is it Dale had to trash a good number of them thanks!
I will be working on this guy again soon if the weather improves we been having rain preety much 90% of the time here of this month now.

Dale Forbes said...

try doing a dry dance. it is like a rain dance, but backwards. it always works for me. but the face paint is a bugger to get off again!

Dale Forbes said...

can I add this shot to "Digiscoping Today"?

Kevin said...

Dry dance LOL ,

I will talk my wife into that one as a test subject you no lightning is a hazzard!

Sure you can add the capture, if your dance works I will be out there this weekend again for a couple more shots.


S.C.E. said...

BIFs using a scope must be sooooo did great.

Kevin said...

Thanks Stella!!!
Hopefully I can hone down on this techniquie.