Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wallkill Grassland Grasshopper"s

I had another shot today for Grasshopper Sparrows at Wallkill for the optimum Sharpness with this species I think close focus to about 20 feet is the ticket.
These captures were taken about 25 feet but I don't no what it is but I feel there off in some odd way, could it be my post processing? Or maybe my camera is having trouble picking up detail in this species. So this Friday I will break out my blind so I can try at close focus and get some more detail.


Dale Forbes said...

those shots are not too bad at all ;-)
but getting closer is unlikely to be a bad thing. I look forward to seeing the results!

Kevin said...

Thanks Dale for some reason I find Sparrows more difficult for a good focus than contrast Birds such as Warblers.

dAwN said...

wow...I would be absolutely thrilled with photos like these..but I guess u know what u are talking about..
nice shots!