Saturday, June 6, 2009

Was I wrong for yelling?Not at all.

Tonight I witnessed something very disturbing some of our local young citizens=I think/
chasing and stomping a Killdeer nestling to death why I was watching my son on his bike. At this time my wife was on the School track close to the tragedy was occurring, so I yelled down for her to intervene she exchanged some words with the kids with there ages at about 7, when my emotions overcame me so me and my son ran down the hill arrived at the location in which I gave the youngsters the 10Th degree of rage man! I was Pissed beside that the Mother was walking the track oblivious to the problem what she did not notice her kids chasing the Killdeer chicks all over the field for 5 frig in minutes!!!
With the crescendo of stomping one to death and lying to my face we didn't do it!
So the Kids started crying and my wife was very upset with me saying you don't yell at some one Else's kids!
Yes the Mother of the kids is in the wrong for not teaching her Kids the basic Bull S of wrong and right.
Also thank my wife for the loving environmental support she has been giving me give me a break Honey you know the issues I stand for. why don't you just stab me in the back!


Patricia R Gamburd said...

No I don't believe you were wrong, in fact you probably should have yelled at the mom. I know how I react to when I see distrubing episodes. I witnessed two young kids dragging a puppy while they were running and then suddenly stop as the puppy kept on going. Just as it was about to step off the curb an auto went by and they pulled it back. By the time I was done with them they were both in tears and one kept saying he was sorry. No I don't believe you were wrong.

dAwN said...

Yikes1 how awful...I would have done something for sure..and yelling would have been one of them!
I cant believe that the parents had no clue!

Kevin said...

Yes Pat and Dawn thanks for the support I was starting to feel all alone on this subject but you guys pulled through with the support and I am grateful,
My wife finally came to my side on the subject too.