Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jamaica Bay

Yes it is that time of the year again time to pay all of those tolls, and get aggravated with the traffic on the way to the East Coast"s premier Shorebird migration spot Jamaica Bay, this Glossy Ibis is one of the species that is a Summer resident.
Dowitchers were in high Number but me and Neil could not get close enough for decent captures,also I ran into Dave Blinder and Mike Britt two local Jersey guys, the first I heard was either Dave or Mike saying O Kevin your Digiscoped pictures are SO great really laying it on thick you know, why I was conversing with Neil by my car it was embarrassing, I know they were toying with me which kind of cracked me up thinking about it on the way home I will get back at you guys LOL.

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dAwN said...

Nice shot of the Glossy! I would love to have time to go to Jamaica bay..but cant fit it in this year..bummer..