Sunday, September 27, 2009

Should I crop or not?

It's weird I try to stay away from cropping my captures out of my own personal opinion.
Alot of beginner Digiscoper's feel they can be mega distance away from the subject and still have Crystal clear resolution no it doen't work that way , not only heat haze but cropping can deteriate quality also .
This Greater Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpiper were not cropped and were taken from a distance between 40 and 60 feet and still held up, for uncropped photos


Jerry Jourdan said...

Wonderful shots, Kev! Sharp, crisp, and clear! I'd crop, for two reasons. 1) The yellowlegs is dead center - too dead center. I'd crop the top left so the bird is in the resulting upper left corner, giving the Rule-of-Thirds its proper due and the bird more natural positioning. 2) Most of our digiscoped images, no matter how good, still produce soft edges. Its evident in your Pectoral Sandpiper image. I'd crop just a touch to remove some of the soft edges. My 2cents worth.
Keep up the great work!

Kevin said...

Jerry thanks your tech Knowledge is a great learning tool for me.
And that makes more sense to me now.