Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kowa TSN-17W eyepiece/Kowa TSN-DA3

I finally used the Kowa 30 wide eyepiece with no problems of excessive vignetting or off pitch shadowing when using the TSN-DA10.
The Kowa TSN-DA3 is a bit bulky but adds stability with a bonus of perfectly centering my Nikon P6000 and producing almost a capture free of Vignetting at the wide setting on the P6000.
Here are some captures taken today in dismal weather conditions plus a few pictures of the set up.


dAwN said...

Great job that set up does..with your skill of course.

Anonymous said...

Nice Kevin.
Did you make some modification to the TSN-DA3? Kowa's site claims DA3 is not compatible to 883