Sunday, November 29, 2009

Halifax road

A gem of a Sparrow location in Northern Bergen county, yes I'm talking about Halifax Road it is located at the foothills of the Ramapo Mountains with lots of great habitat for Sparrows and some Waterfowl ,so far I just got some White Throats to corporate, but I did manage to spy out an American Tree Sparrow which was a bit spooky , I think when the Snow comes this spot will shine for Photography!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

P6000's RAW

I took this Turnstone capture with the Nikon P6000's Raw format it is hard with just 1 frame at a time , and the subject has to almost perfectly still.

TSN-17W test

I tested the TSN-17W along with the TSN-25LER eyepiece on a plush toy I edited,. the 17W today .Tommorow I will explain the pros and cons of each eyepiece.

Barnegat Light Piper's galore

Barnagat Light conditions were nice , moderate sunlight and plenty of Dunlins,Purple Sandpipers and Ruddy Turnstone.
One surprise though was no Harlequins!
But on the bad lighting side of the jetty was a nice amount of Common Eiders, Scoters ,and one King Eider mixed in .

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Northern Shoveler and Mallard

I went, out this morning briefly to expect gloomy conditions but I did get about a 15 minute Sunny break to Photo this beauty of a Northern Shoveler and Female Mallard at Mill Creek Marsh.
Another thing to I did end up stepping in a steaming heep of Dog Crap which about Pissed me off, and I think I seen the culprit and his master , we will see what happens next time Im there and we bump into each other!

Ruddy Ducks

Here is a pair of Ruddy Ducks taken at about 200 feet with the 30 wide eyepiece, I like the performance of this eyepiece but I will have to compare test wiith the 25LER eyepiece.

Test through Email

Hello just testing my Email function through my Blog this is only a test!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 2 set up pictures

Here is a continuation of the last post.

Kowa TSN-17W eyepiece/Kowa TSN-DA3

I finally used the Kowa 30 wide eyepiece with no problems of excessive vignetting or off pitch shadowing when using the TSN-DA10.
The Kowa TSN-DA3 is a bit bulky but adds stability with a bonus of perfectly centering my Nikon P6000 and producing almost a capture free of Vignetting at the wide setting on the P6000.
Here are some captures taken today in dismal weather conditions plus a few pictures of the set up.