Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shutter release for Canon Powershot S90

After painstakingly trying to figure out the correct and most stable way to connect my S90 to my Kowa 883 with having use of my Shutter release system I finally figured it out.
The Kowa DA3 has a support for the Camera with a tripod screw and so does the Vixen Shutter release/support , one thing I did not notice is that the Vixens Tri-pod Screw is threaded on the inside so all I had to do is thread the thumbscrew from the DA3 plate into the Vixens Thumbscrew alas I have a complete shutter release that works with the Canon S90/Kowa Prominar 883/884.

And I would also like to Thank Stu of Hakodate Birding for helping me find the the correct Adapters for the system that I will eventually purchase I would just have to say they are a bit Pricey though , here is Stu's Blog with his great Photo's

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Dale Forbes said...

Hi Kevin, I tried to answer your last question on my blog...

Happy digiscoping,