Thursday, February 18, 2010

Junco in hiding Sharpie in the zone.

Recently I had a Sharp shined Hawk in the neighborhood that has been putting the songbirds in terror , as you can see in this Dark eyed Juncos frozen position.
Mobbing is usually the case with Bigger Birds of Prey such as Red Tailed Hawks and certain Owls but with Accipiters no behavior is usually exhibited I think it is a Bird on Bird Predator instinct.
On a another note the Titmouse sounded the its OK alert when the coast was clear, when the Danger subsided.


S.C.E. said...

Nice photos Kev, sharp as a tack.

My parents get Sparrowhawks in their garden in the UK (an accipter species very similar to Sharp Shinned Hawk I think) and it does send the garden birds into total panic too........I guess they know they're on the menu.

dAwN said...

Great shots of the Junco hunkered down..and the titmouse..sounding its alarm!