Friday, March 5, 2010

Wintering Dowitcher treat Soured by Jogger.

Yes I had one of those encounters again!
I can not believe when this  Runner see"s me Photographing and I give him the hand Jester to slow down at the least, and he just barrels through my zone sending the Dowitcher into the stratosphere,usually I have know problems with runners which are courteous most of the time but this guy SUCKED, especially when I had a money shot of a Long Billed Dowitcher  in great lighting not to say there is anything wrong with this capture, but the one I would of had before Dumb Ass ignorant Human Duffus came trouncing  through would have been stellar!

That is a lesson that I learned and next time I will be a little more selective were I choose to Shoot.


FoGMR said...

Should have let "Kick-ass" kevin come out and knocke dthe jogger on his ass!

S.C.E. said...

Some folk are just selfish, that's life I'm afraid.

Stand in his way next time. Or stick out a leg and trip him up.