Sunday, May 2, 2010

Black Throated and Blue Warbler and other Neo-tropics

Garrett Mountain was hoping ,with a good assortment of Warblers and other Passerines , to my surprise a found a very cooperative Black Throated Blue Warbler that stayed on a low hanging branch for a good amount of time at about 25 feet , the only thing that hampered me was the shade and lighting which produced a shutter speed of only 1/30 to 1/50th of a second in which I had to boost my ISO to 160 on the CanonS90 to my amaze the Noise wasn't to bad do to a good image sensor on the S90.

I also Managed to find plenty of Catbirds ,Red-starts and about  15 other Warbler Species.


Dale Forbes said...

the second shot is great. I have been playing with the S90 lately and really been enjoying it. it is surprisingly easy to use and a welcome relief after having used a series of complicated cameras. makes digiscoping just a little bit more pleasurable.

Kevin said...


Thanks yes it is an easier Digicam and I really enjoy the color it produces.

Dale Forbes said...

ooh, talking about colour with the S90, have you tried the colour switch or monochrome with highlight colour modes? with the former, I made a series of photos of what our sofa would look like in green, red, turquoise, blue and yellow (but you could also do this with warblers). the second would be great for snow shots to make a colourful bird really stand out!