Thursday, June 3, 2010

Early June species

I had the chance to Bird and DigiScope a few of my favorite haunts for some of Jerseys Breeding Birds one of my first and one of my Favorite is Hofstra Park a Jem of a Migrant trap also holds some nice Breeding species such as Brown Thrasher  Catbird  Indigo Bunting   American Goldfinch  Northern RoughWinged Swallow, and others.
Another of my Favorite locations especially for Grasshopper Sparrow is The Wallkill Grasslands in Vernon, I had a blast of a time stalking Grasshopper Sparrows and Bobolinks and Prairie Warblers this Jem of a spot will be  good right through July,and it is also good for Raptors in the winter.
And forgot to mention plenty of Cedar Waxwings nesting in the Red Cedar and Spruce trees.


dAwN said...

Outstanding photos!

Azahari Reyes @ Jason a.k.a horukuru said...

Excellent digiscoped my friend :)

Chatman said...

Hi Kevin,

Great pictures! Are these the original pictures or did you use some photoshopping? To get sharp pictures?

Can you tell me also, what settings you are using on the S90, to get sharp pictures?

This week I have bought a Kowa TSN-883 and a Canon Powershot S90.

I've also bought a Kowa DA4+ DA10 adapter.

That's why I'm asking for some advice. When you want to see some of my result in the past, have a look at:

The lanquage on my site is in Dutch. I will translate it into english, when people want to. So please let me know.

Thanks for your reply!

Best Regards,

Jos de Vries

Kevin said...

Thanks Dawn,Jason and Jos


How are you ,I try not to rel-eye to much on Photo -shop of course I do some enhancement but I have a creed if I have to Photo- shop more than 50% it is not worth saving it , on the Sharpening I do a min of the Un-Sharpen Mask that is about it, also I will be writing about my settings on the S90 in one of my Blog entry's , Thanks