Friday, September 3, 2010

Kowa Prototype Telephoto lens

I was quite amazed when Paul Hackett sent me this link , I think this Lens will be an innovated turn into Digiscoping .
Paul mentioned that he tried this lens coupled with a Nikon D300 and he was truly impressed with virtually no Chromatic aberration in sight, will this piece of glass lure me away from my trusty 883/884 well maybe an addition to my Digiscoping arsenal , It will be welcomed with open arms!


Stu said...

I'm curious about this too, it does seem a tad expensive for what it is though, hopefully it'll drop in price when it hits the shops.

Still think a 600 F5.6 would have been better for this product.

The scope option is interesting. If I already had Kowa eyepieces I'd seriously consider it..............

Kevin said...

Yes Stu my mate Paul Hackett tried it out and said it was great but I still have to get my hands on one to give it a go, but the other option is to use it as a Scope.