Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wintering Sandpipers at Barnegat inlet

Saturday me and Katlyn trekked out of the area about 2 hours south to Barnegat inlet at the Jeddy area.
Conditions were pleasant especially for my Daughter with the temp in the area around 60, of course with these calm condition's brought the Surf Fisherman, peak time for Striper's! along with stone throwing Bird molesting youngsters and always my favorite Unleashed Canine"s in which the latter puts my emotions through a meltdown potpourri when I am trying to focus, my Daughter had a field day with laughter on the various shades of anger I represented, but between the mealy I did manage to get a few Purple Sandpiper and Ruddy Turnstone shots!
Also I used the 25LER Eyepiece for a change versus the 30x for versatility purpose"s and to try the Canon S90 third party conversion adapter, which I will give info on that item if anybody needs it , one thing though this adapter is only compatible with the 25LER eyepiece.

                                                     Ruddy Turnstone


                                                        Purple Sandpiper



JRandSue said...

Fantastic Digiscoping images,my Nikon P6000 is on the way out,do you have any recommendations for a new model.Great Blog.

Kevin said...

JRand Sue

The Canon S95 along with the Panasonic LX5 look very promising for Point & Shoot models.