Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vesper Sparrow and others

October is a great Birding month particularly for Sparrow's, so I visited one of my favorite Digiscoping locations in Warren county Glen Hurst Meadows , you don't really have to go far once you arrived you can just hang in the parking area and be greeted by a Vesper, Savannah , White Crowns and many others from the comfort of your car.

One word of caution this is a hunted area so check out the local regulations what days are the within the season , but I would suggest going on the off times, usually Thursday is the best day voiding Hunter and Birding traffic

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A tale of Three Warblers

The Migration was on big time last night after that Tropical System headed into the neighborhood dropping about 8 inches of Rain on Friday .
Overpeck was alive with Passerines on this clear October morning, although I thought it was going to be dissapointing for Digiscoping considering the Warblers seemed to be on high octane caffeine.,but I did find a few subjects that manged to stay still for a few seconds.

                                                          Magnolia Warbler

                                                     Black Throated Blue Warbler Fall Female
                                                                       Palm Warbler
Also I did experiment with my F stop on the S90 on the Palm Warblers, the first capture was at 3.2 with a 1/1000th of a sec.  On the second I wanted to widen my depth of field so, I opened it to about 5.0 which gave me a 1/400th of a sec which brightened the Bird up a bit , I think if I had the F stop at 4.0 that would have been ideal, by the time I had that thought the Palm was done with my session till another time.