Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kowa TSN-PZ Nikon D40

Today I recieved my Kowa photo adapter model #TSN-PZ .

The Photo adapter has been out for quite a while although the focal length is reduced to 680-1000mm Zoom you can compensate with the larger image sensors of the DSLR Cameras , today I was using my old Nikon D40 which is only 6mpwhich does not leave you much room but I will have to deal with it till I decide on either the D7000 or D300, which I will be testing both out at Bergen County Camera ,great staff at this store I highly recommend checking them out.

These Birds are Taxiderms from the NJAS archives  thanks Patrick, Barb, and Gorden for lending them to me for testing out some SLR'S.

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