Thursday, March 17, 2011

More CanonD4000IS captures/Friends from Japan

I edited up some American Goldfinch captures with the CanonSD4000IS, very good low light detail.
I used the 30wide eyepiece at a distance of about 25feet with ISO level at 200, today I will try for something different as the weather is turning better.

I would like to offer my prayers to Nobu and Digisco Turbo both great Digiscopers and wonderful individuals from Japan , I spoke with Nobu yesterday via Skype and I tried to lift his spirits if anybody would like to contact him, here is his Skype address.  Nobu 31 .


GnTnZ said...

Excellent, as always. This is what I am aspiring to!

Kevin said...

You will get there with your gear Practice . Thanks