Friday, May 6, 2011

May the begining

Every year I always plan my vacation to coincide with  the Passerine migration and to Digiscope as many Warblers  I can get without going nuts especially at Garret Mountain one of the best migrant traps of the east coast  but not very Digiscope friendly , I would say because of the pedestrian traffic on the weekends along with many towering budding Oaks,Maples and others which will keep most of the Birds near the Stratosphere.

If  you can squeeze out some good captures here every other location will be a piece of cake on the Digiscoping menu, These Northern Parula's that I Digiscoped were a chance of luck by the stream but I did manage two decent ones.

I also got some decent Blue Jay captures which  I have been missing for some time now for being one of the more common species.

                      Thrushes started to come in numbers today with plenty of Wood and Swainson's

                   Some of my best captures with the lighting were Eastern Pheobes and a Catbird along
                   with a ground feeding Rose Breasted Grosbeak.
I will be going to the Great Swamp tomorrow to look for some breeders and hopefully get some more Warblers.                

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