Sunday, December 18, 2011

End of the year roundup

I finally got out in the field again after getting over a sinus infection so to keep it safe I stayed local with spending some time at the NJAS along  with the Meadowlands ,,, in the process of hitting my second location I stirred up some of my chasing instinct with a tip on the list serve about a Greater White Fronted Goose hanging at a park in Hackensack with some Canada"s ,, by the time I arrived it was nothing but Canada Geese so I ended up shooting to the Meadows.

I brought the CanonSD4000IS out with me this time and it still proves to be a good Digicam as you can see in this Northern Cardinal and White Throat Sparrows feather detail.

When I arrived at the Meadowlands the weather went down Hill very fast but did manage to get a Green Winged Teal distance was about 150 feet .

Along with Northern Shoveler s of various ages.

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