Monday, January 2, 2012

More Test with the Canon S100

Today I decided with better light to work with small Xmas decoration Birds about the Size of  a Chickadee today I lowered the ISO to 80 and work at about a distance of 20 to 25 feet.

The first capture is RAW format so since I don't use CS5 I had to download the Adobe DNG converter which will do the trick on unsupported Camera models.

If you noticed a little motion blur that was from the High wind gust today, along with the perch I set up moving side to side.


Abercrombie said...

I do like small cameras. I have an obscure model called a Panasonic FX150. It is about a year older than the Canon S80 but is similar in size and does RAW.
I keep thinking about replacing it. The Canon S95 is tempting, but not "better enough" to justify. I like the Olympus EP-L3 images I see but, like the X10,it is much bigger. The EP-L3 might augment my current camera, but wouldn't replace it.
Incidentally, PhotogfraphyBlog website posts downloadable RAW files of the cameras it reviews. I find these very valuable as I can work with them in LIghtroom.

Kevin said...

Your Best bet is to go to Camera Shop if you have access, and try a bunch of different models through your scope and take test captures and review ,,as for now I think the Canon S100 is the best P&S model out but that can change soon.