Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Jersey State Record Elegant Tern

A ventured down to Sandy Hook on Friday for a chase of an Elegant Tern mind you I haven't seen one of these since the early 80"s in Southern California,but I wanted to document and get some nice captures ,ethically I kept my distance which is the correct thing to do, with a stealthy approach I was a camped out at the tidal cut and with luck and patience the Tern landed within about 50 feet from me.

.At the time I was using the Kowa TSN-883 along with the TSN-PZ/680-1000mm Photo adapter attached to the NikonD7000, with this combo you have to be closer to subject than standard Digscoping because of the shorter focal length which comes out to about 1200mm with the Nikon sensor.

Elegant Tern.

Common Tern.
American Oystercatcher

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