Friday, April 12, 2013

Nikor 18.5mm 1.8

Last weekend I went out to test the Nikor 18.5 mm 1.8 lens with the Nikon 1V1 .

Larger Birds no problem and decent sharpness is there at medium to far distance ,,,but smaller species like this Hermit thrush and Red Winged Blackbird 20 to 30 feet is in order ..

Bigger species like this Killdeer I was about 50 feet with the Zoom on the TSN-11WZ at about 30 power.
Blue Winged Teal is a specialty of these areas so to get one in my view is always a pleasure.
Here is a Close up of a Female mallard head shot with the Nikor 18.5 mm to show the close up potential .

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