Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Start with some New Gear

I have recently picked up the Swarovski STX-95 with the DCB11 Camera adapter.  ,,should I say I am quite impressed with the resolution and image Quality .

The STX-95 Sony RX-100MK11 combo is fresh breath of Digiscoping pleasure, and the field flattener AKA Swarovision keeps the image Sharpness from edge to edge .

Since the Weather has not been the greatest I did manage a few good days to get out to some shore areas and picked up a few good shots.

This Wood Duck provided me with some great detail ,,and with the editing very little UnSharpen mask was applied.
Hooded Merganser Female I love the detail the STX pulls out with the crest.
Here is an interesting Ruddy Duck shot with some action in the background.
Song Sparrows were in abundance just about everywhere

  Juncos were around the call of the day .

Finally the first Bird of 2014 American Robin
In summary this was just a small chapter of the potential of this combo it is a bit of a learning curve ,and I plan on many outings .

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