Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kowa+Digisco Turbo adapters @ The Biggest Week in American Birding

I have been aware of Digisco adapters for about 5 years now and always impressed with the craftsmanship of Yoshi Ishimaru, along with the adaptability with many Scope Camera combinations with Kowa being the main venue .

It is a great honor when Yoshi offered me and Paul Hackett Digisco samples to present and showcase along with all the great Kowa products including the new TSN-11WZ eyepiece at the Biggest Week in American Birding.

The products that  I have received from Mr Ishimaru .

1. CH-P11 Collete holder fits around the Filter thread base of the scope for support of the Eyepiece. 

2: BR-RX-100 Turbo Adapter for Sony RX-100

3: BR-N1 18.5 Turbo Adapter for Nikon 1 V1/V2/J1/J2  coupled with the Nikor 18.5 mm lens

4: BR-N1 1030 Turbo Adapter for  Nikon 1 V1/V2/J1/J2  coupled with the Nikor 10-30 mm lens.

5: P2 Turbo adapter  fits the TSN-11WZ/TSN-17WE

6: TA4 Turbo Adapter threads on to each specific adapter .

Here is Yoshi's  web page with translation along with links to Digisco for purchasing  product .

It is an honor to attend the Biggest Weekend in Birding .
 Kevin and Kim Kaufman are the founders of this event and put in an incredible effort for the conservation ,  to preserve this wonderful habitat for many species of migrants.

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