Friday, August 8, 2008

Vortex or Kowa Hmm?

Just a reminder to everybody I'm not going to abandon my Vortex Skyline ED for the Kowa 883 Prominar.the Vortex holds a sentimental value to me I pretty much cut my teeth with that set-up plus I am using the Golfer approach you wouldn't use a driver to put with would you?
I think each scope has its advantage over the other for example the Vortex has the edge over the Kowa in bright light hense ,I do not have to watch my exposer levels as much, yet to the opposite the Kowa with the 25LER shines in low light conditons . So Im not jumping on the better guy or scope on the block bandwagon, the way I look at it is I have two great Digiscoping Scopes that I can produce great captures with.

Thanks Kevin