Friday, October 3, 2008

Camera Choices

Sometimes a difficult decision in Digiscoping is picking the right camera to do the job

Questions like these sometimes arise / How many Megapixles do I need ? Should I get a SLR or Point & Shoot ? Does the camera have aperture preferred mode for better control of the shutter speed? I know complex questions for the entry level Digiscopers which I was one not to long ago.

For me I would prefer an advanced point&shoot like the Nikon P5100 or the 8400 which I would give my left arm for / maybe I should say my Kingdom for a Cool pix 8400!

On megapixles 8 to 12 are fine even 7 .

The new Nikon Coolpix 6000 looks interesting its 14 megapixles ,but that does not interest me, the thing that does is that you can shoot in RAW mode which does not taint the image quality as JPEG does, also Panasonic has a new model out that shoots in Raw also and has a few focal length features that the Nikon does not exhibit/ And remember try to bring your scope and adaptor if you have one to your local camera shop to test the Cameras vignetting through the Eyepiece ,you will have less headaches by driving back and forth to return lines.

Good Birding


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