Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cold Brook Preserve

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Birded Cold Brook Preserve this morning facing overcast conditions which plagued the whole weekend, my total Digiscoping time frame for the whole weekend is about 2 hours,I was run and gunning to get as many captures as I can , this Dickcissel was a pleasant surprise also as a life bird for me Dickcissels frequent Cold Brook with sightings usually every October.
Cold Brook Preserve is part of the Hunterdon Park system and a excellent fall migrant hot-spot ex specially for Sparrows, in the up coming weeks Cold Brook will be shining with Vesper,Lincolns,White Crowned, White Throated, Savannah, Field,Chipping along with some of the rarer guys Nelsons Sharp Tailed and so on, usually at that time the corn fields are cut down to stubble which makes for more viewing .

So give Cold Brook Preserve a try during the next two months .

Good Birding

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