Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Barnegat Bay and the P6000

Hello all

I had a chance to Bird and Digiscope one of my favorite Haunts Barnegat Bay with my Kowa 883 88mm and Nikon P6000, for starts this camera is primo as far as the color being right on along with the contrast and focus, one note on the cameras settings for saturation ,contrast, sharpening, I set it on normal so the cameras so called brain does not tinker around this way for adjustments I use Photoshop 6 in my post-processing.

Check out this Purple Sandpipers fine feather detail/who knows maybe my P5100 has to go into early retirement?Or my Daughters hands.


kshea said...

Killer shots of that Purple dude. I've really enjoyed the stuff you've been doing with the P6000, maybe it's time to work on some bird-in-flight shots!

Keep up the good work.


Kevin said...


I can try that. but with out a electronic viewfinder it can be a difficult task