Saturday, November 29, 2008

Photoshop away to Vingnetting

Herring Gull
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
Hello all

Vignetting to me me at times is like running your fingers down a blackboard and ten some!But we have hope folks , with using the magic lasso and some of the Blur filters in Photoshope I eliminated I would say 98% of the Vignetting on this Herring Gull ,one thing it is a bit of a time consuming project ,some of my photos are best at wide angle on my Nikon Coolpix cameras which make Vignetting more prevalent.

I will enclose a before and after shot.

P.S I now eliminate the vignetting with the cloning tool on Photoshop elements
much less tedious.


kshea said...


I'm not a photoshop expert but there should be a way to clone out the remaining vignetting that crop wont do away with.

Keep up the good work.


Kevin said...


Thats cool if you can find out let me know this way is very time consuming.

Good Luck if you go out today.