Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another capture Taken with the Kowa Zoom

Northern Pintail
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
Hello all

Here is a Northen Pintail capture I took with the Kowa 20x60 Zoom at about 30 power,I think the Zoom performs decent with with promising results for future shots.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot.

kshea said...

Zoom looks good Kev.

Are you finding that your images start to get soft after a certain power?

At 30x it looks fantastic.

Keep up the good work.


Kevin said...


It depends I have to really bump up the optical zoom on the camera in conjuction with the Eyepiece zoom, so there is alot of going on there, preety much the lighting has to be good and no wind for that Technique to work , most of the times I will stick to the 25 LER eyepiece.

Thanks Kevin

Doug at Valley said...

nice shot. Love the detail on the water!

Barbara said...

Hi Kevin,
I have been reading your blog for awhile now and have been very interested in your comparison between the P5100 & the new P6000. I happen to "know" that my husband bought me the 5100 for Christmas (a little bird told me!)but after reading your blog, now think I would be happier with the P6000. I am not into digiscoping yet as I don't have a scope! However, it is likely I may indeed want to add one on eventually and this would then become my digiscoping set-up (I have a Canon G9 that I use for everyday). Soooo, what would you recommend? Is it worth "confessing" to my known gift and returning it for the P6000? I photograph outdoor/nature scenes and birds but without a scope can't get the detail I want. :(
Thanks for your input - MUCH appreciated!!!

Kevin said...


Thanks for enjoying my work on your question yes the P6000 is a very good camera for Digiscoping prob the best in the Point&shoot cat, as for a scope I recomend an HD-glass model such as the Kowa 800 series, I prefer the 77mm to 88mm
for letting the most light in for a higher shutter speed with the camera hence less blurred shots ,

The adaptor that you want with the P6000 is the URE-21/ Kowa you would want the TSN-D10 with the 43mm adaptor ring and that should complete your set-up .

If you want you can call Mike McDowell at EagleOptics he can set you on the right path also 1-800-289-1132.

Cheers Kevin

Barbara said...

Hi Kevin -

Thanks so much for all your advice. I am going to return the P5100 and get the 6000 as you suggested. You sure seem to get great shots with it so I'm sold!

I also appreciate your scope/adaptor suggestions. I had only been looking at the Swaro scopes but was interested in the Kowa of recent - so this was great timing!

Yes, Eagle Optics is a great resource. I deal with Ben Lizdas there and he is excellent. He not only is an optics expert but goes the extra step to make sure that anything you order from them will work for you. I have had a couple issues dealing with compatibility between cameras, tripods, etc. and Ben was wonderful. He tweaked together a solution for me that works perfectly and he was great with follow-up as well. He is very knowledgable about birding and I know he does many field trips/workshops for EO on location. He also has a blog, 600 Birds.

So I guess Eagle Optics gets 2 thumbs up, way up!

Thanks again for your time and info and keep up the great blogging!