Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New year Resolutions,Digiscoping Grail Bird

Snowy Owl
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56

Hello all.

Now that the New Year is upon us, my resolution list is small but to the point.
#1 I will get in more hours of Photography within a day.
#2 Be more patient and no melt downs when my capture takes off before releasing the shutter! #$*@#
#3 If I take 300 captures I will make a goal to have at least 100 to be keepers.
#4 Stop shooting on extreme overcast days and work on better Sun angles

Short and Sweet!

My Grail Bird to Digiscope in the Raptor world would be the Snowy Owl , here in Jersey they seem to be popping up every were!
This capture was taken at DeKorte park in the Hackensack Meadowlands ,I was just happy to get a decent capture of one.

Though a little closer would have been nice I cant complain JESUS ITS A SNOWY OWL!!!!

Happy New year.


Anonymous said...

Some complaint. I wish my attempts at a snowy owl were half as good.

Then again, I was just happy that I saw one.

Kevin said...


Im sorry about my rants on distance
thats my pet/peeve I should be grateful for just observing one.

Anonymous said...

No apologies necessary. It was a slightly sarcastic attempt to say that I thought you got a nice capture on the bird.

I like the blog and didn't mean to sound harsh.

Kevin said...

No problem,

BLRem said...

Jesus it's a really GREAT shot of a Snowy Owl!!! :D

I clicked on it and was treated to your Flickr site. OMG what a treat, indeed. You are an AMAZING digiscoper and I am glad I consulted you regarding the Nikon P5100 vs. P6000. The 6000 just came today and I can't wait to test drive it....although my photos are nowhere near the quality of yours.