Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Non-Birding fun

Hello had a wopping 4 inches of Snow Last night compared to you guys in the Midwest that is nothing.

Kids are first this weekend, sometimes I'm out in the field taken with the Scope and the Camera yes I am guilty of this , but I do find quality time for my kids quite often ,like today on the slopes of my High School, we dusted of the old toboggan and raced down the slopes on a sheet of ICE//OUCH!!

All I can say is I am surprised no stitches were needed with the cuts me and my Son sustained!
Of course my Daughter came out unscathed.

Yes that put a detour in the time we spent on the slopes and more for the medicine cabinet.


BLRem said...

LOL! Kevin, I can of the places I walk/photograph/bird at has a big hill. Decided it looked the sled with a friend and WHOOSH! Did a lot of "splatting", going backwards, and even hit a tree. Had a sore backside for days....and I didn't even have the kids, so I have NO excuse except....oh well, it was fun and gave us lots to laugh about! ;)

We gotta enjoy this New England snow while we can, as you could be 60F and all melted in a heartbeat.

Your cardinal pix is gorgeous - so crisp and such vibrant colors...thanks!

Kevin said...

Thanks BLRem,

My son really got a good hurting today he did not shed one tear though, tough little guy but after that fall we had to call it a day .

The worst feeling is when the sled spins or you heading backwards you feel kinds helpless worrying about being a part of a tree or something.


dAwN said...

I like to see Dads spending quality time with the kids...very nice..
are you kids into birding like you are?

dAwN said...

Oh I wanted to tell you...I will be going to the space coast bird fest in merrit island, florida..
I will be taking a digiscoping class...I need to learn settings etc.
We have the Kowa 88 and my husband made an attachment for my casio xlim..i find the real problem is digiscoping in sunlight...can see a darn thing thru the camera viewfinder!

Kevin said...


Try to find a cheap slide viewer and put rubber window adhesive around the four corners and try to harness it on your LCD with rubber bands.
The Slide viewer cuts out all the glare hense longer shooting time,
I will post a pic of the one I use.

P.S Give Clay Taylor a big hello from me at the Spacecoast

Tony Perrotta said...

Hobbit16If I didn't know better I'd say that was MRHS, ??

Kevin said...


You are correct sir!