Thursday, January 15, 2009

Less Glare = More Images

That is correct sir!! Less Glare = More Images, When I first stated Digiscoping I did not no about the electronic viewfinder only found on the Nikon 8400 I thought all P&S Digicams had the 2 inch plus LCD, so it came to after the beginning Digiscoping Buzz worn off I said how can I get rid of the Sun-Glare the was plaguing me once the Sun hit that certain angle, well I tried a Towel over my head VERY HOT!! Also a wide brimmed hat, cupping my hands, I felt something can be done to eliminate this problem and by surfing the Flickr Digiscoping groups equipment sec, I checked out Joaquin Graves Set-up which happened to be a Cheap slide Viewer Rubber banded around the LCD of his camera, so I went to a local Photo store and picked one up for about $3:50 of course a little modification was needed which I will explain.

The two pics above shows a before and after pic, first thing is to buy LCD protectors which will thwart scratches from everyday use.

On the before slide-viewer take a pliers and cut the bottom lip off to make an even square then buy some window adhesive and stick it on the four corners of the slide viewer this ensures that you will not scratch your LCD it is just a little added protection.

I use the cameras strap to harness it against my screen , but on other camera models you might have to make adjustments to fit it properly, this will cut out 100% of the Sun glare and also will improve your focusing plus give you more shots in a outing.


dAwN said...

Hi Kevin..
Thanks for the spring migration offer..and we will take u up on that some spring for sure..
Now..I love this post...because..I go out on a sunny day and a swear at my 2 inch viewfinder on my point and shoot...I cant see a blessed thing!
My husband made a digascope attachment for our Kowa scope so I think he can make one of these...
can you show a pic of how it attaches to camera...and then to the scope?
Thanks...I would love for this to solve my shooting in the dark problem!

Kevin said...

Dawn I will follow up on that picture.