Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P5100 Re-Done

Sanderling 2
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Hello I am going through my older files and redoing with CS4-Photoshop also starting to use my P5100 again .

The reason for the P5100 Im trying better lighting angles to improve my captures, the last to Cardinal captures on my Flickr page were taken with the P5100 and for some reason I caught some great lighting at ISO 64 which I think is the key with that paticular Camera.

The Northern Cardinal and Sanderling captures were taken with the Nikon P5100/Kowa 883 Prominar 25 LER eyepiece.


dAwN said...

Hi Kevin,
One thing I learned from my digiscoping class with Clay Taylor..is that I need to learn my cameras settings and learn what iso, f stop, etc. are and what they do...

I have no clue...I have been using my casio exlims auto settings.
I guess I have some studying to do.

Kevin said...

It will soon be just like riding a Bike Dawn second nature, any time you have a question feel free to ask,
Clay has alot of knowledge and he is very open on problem solving also.

Kevin said...

Dawn if you have manual settings or aperture mode that is the way to go also if you can underide your exsposer to raise your shutter speed that can help also.
To achieve at least 1/500th shutter speed to eliminate hand shake you will need good lighting and a wide aperture F=stop.

BLRem said...

Hi Kevin,
Lovely photos, as usual! The P5100 seems to produce great shots just like the
P6000. I just got back from FL and it was a great chance to get familiar with my new camera....that is, until it broke. :(
The lens started sticking. I would have to use my fingers to manually open and close it all the way. Nothing happened to the camera except I was using a 3rd party battery since I only had 2 Nikons and I burned through those on a regular basis. Do you think that could have contributed to the problem? I was really liking the shots though - better than my Canon.

Thanks for sharing your great photos!

Anonymous said...

SO if I were to invest in a new camera for my digiscoping (Swaro ATS80HD, DCA) would you personally recommend the Nikon 5100 over the P 6000? What would you say the overall better cam is? Thanks.

Kevin said...

Yes I would pick the P6000 reason #1 better image sensor so you can handle 1SO levels up to about 200 before you have to worry about noise
Yet I recomend ISO levels between 64 and 100 for the least amount of noise.

One other thing I think with your set-up this camera works better with the 30 wide Eyepiece then using a zoom less Vignetting.