Monday, February 23, 2009

Killdeer 2 w Houde loupe

Killdeer 2
Originally uploaded by kevinbolton56
A Houde loupe you say ?

For that accurate focus through my LCD it is a must to cut down the Sun glare for more precise viewing.

The Houde Loupe solved that problem unlike the Slide-viewer I have been using for the past 8 months the Houde Loupe has a built in Diopter and the viewing through the LCD is not all pixled as with the Slide-viewer ,at the cost of $70 I think it is worth it.


dAwN said...

That looks pretty good...I will check into it.

Jerry Jourdan said...

Hi Kevin,
Terrific shot! If I may suggest, you might rotate the image clockwise a bit to remove the perceived slant caused by the shooting angle (unless that's an uncropped image, itc great job!).
Also, are you hand-holding the loupe or can it be attached w/something like velcro like my setup?

BLRem said...

Hey Kevin - Neat solution to an annoying problem. I always like reading about your methods to tweak photog/camera limitations. Now if only I could get shots like YOURS! :)

Kevin said...

Thanks Dawn the P6000 has a 2.5 LCD,The Houde Loope can fit an LCD up to 3 inches.

Jerry I was lazy on this one and I did not rotate to straightin thans for pointing that out!

Barb thanks just keep it up you will get there sooner than you know it.

Why I am thinking of it,I started Digiscoping about 1 year ago and if I can recall my first capture was taken of a AM Goldfinch directly in the Sun total burnt highlights on a bird feeder with my Vortex Skyline 80 mm scope and Sony cybershot DSC W-200 I wish I saved that capture for a fun memory but I was so turned off by it ,I gave it an Ole delete ,,delete, delete.