Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kowa 883+884 prominar scope case 2 versions?

Did anybody no that the TSN-880 series has two different designed scope cases ?
Well I just found out recently , and the Americana version is more designed for transporting purposes this case has a lot of cushioning do your TSN-880 scope can withstand dings and bumps of normal use.
The Euro-Asian version which is a special order through Kowa directly via with Jim Danzenbaker with myself is a streamlined version that is better for in field with digiscoping and normal viewing with less bulk and and limited wind traps that can cause camera shake at low shutter speeds.


dAwN said...

Howdee Kevin,
We have the bigger bulkier americana case for our new Kowa 883...We find we never use it unless we are storing it.
Have you tried the new case? Would it be something we would use daily without being a pain in the u know what?
And what is the cost?
Thanks for posting.

Kevin said...


I puchased the Euro style case through Kowa at the reduced price, from the public price but Jim and Josh from KOWA are at trade shows now when they get back I can get you a price quote on the item if avalable for you