Friday, March 27, 2009

Digiscoping during Overcast conditions

Yesterday I was stuck between a Rock and a hard place shall I stay home on my day off and get some of my domestic duties acomplished or go out and do a little Digiscoping of course I chose the later,even though I had no Sun light to work with I adjusted to the conditions with a little help from Mike Mcdowell of Mikes Digiscoping Blog from an older post of his .Tech Difficult Mikes Blog is down I will follow up with the link soon sorry about that.


dAwN said...

Great photo of the Waxwing..that dude looks like it has serious attitude.

Anonymous said...

Mike's site has moved. Here's the new link:

He provides an explanation of the problem.

BLRem said...

Gorgeous shot, Kev!
I never tire of looking at your Flickr site. You are an awesome photographer - thanks for sharing!

Kevin said...

Thanks Barb!!