Monday, March 30, 2009

Digiscoping in low Light

Mike McDowell explained this in one of his previous postings but I will kind of re graze it.
It is important to achieve a 1/120 th of a second to freeze motion of the Bird in low light conditions.
with the P5100 and P6000 I underide my exposer to 0/3- to 0/7- this will force a higher shutter speed at 100ISO with out having to raise my ISO TO 200 that will increase the noise level hence more graininess.
The Nikon P6000 is not as bad with 200ISO as with the P5100.
One other thing to consider is a Shutter release cable especially if you shutter speed is below 1/100th of a second, this American Robin is about 1/100th and the Waxwing was 1/50th of a second.
Remember low light Digiscoping takes a steady hand and one of the upper end Scopes will enhance your Quality captures

Here is Mike McDowells take on the subject.


dAwN said...

Thanks for the info...I think I need more than a point and shoot to take photos like that...very nice.

Kevin said...

Thanks Dawn, the P5100 and P6000 are point and shoot and they work decent.

BLRem said...

You did a great job explaining that! I am in an outdoor photography class and out instructor insists we stay with 100ISO. This forced us to adjust the shutter speed and aperature just as you stated so clearly here. Thanks! Now my only problem is that I'm not one to take my tripod hiking.....yah, that's a problem. :)
BTW I finally got that DSLR I wanted -a Canon 40D.
I have soooo much to learn now - but I love it already!

Kevin said...

Good Luck Barb with the Canon 40D