Sunday, April 12, 2009

Digiscoping workshop

Digiscoping workshop April 18th 9am till 11am still openings.

This Saturday coming up I will be demonstrating various Digiscoping techniques including hands on with the Ladies and Gentlemen that attend with taken there own captures at the Sherman Hofman N.J.A.S feeders ,Drip Bath captures ,and various perches that will be set up.
I will be also explaining different camera settings and compostion tips along with which equipment is best for Digiscoping , the workshop is limited for 10 people and so far 7 have signed up, anyone interested the Digiscoping workshop fee is $10 a person.

Contact N.J.A.S Bernardsville 908-766-5787


dAwN said...

Darn! Wish I was there to take your class.

Dale Forbes said...

how did the workshop go? any photos from the day?

btw, it looks like you have a fair amount of weight at the back of the scope, do you have any handy tips to compensate for that, or do you just normally use a balance rail?

what you did with the waxwings in low light is simply incredible, well done!

Happy digiscoping

Kevin said...

Thanks Dale Iuse the Kowa Balance rale!