Saturday, April 25, 2009

Egrets at Mill Creek

I started to Bird Mill Creek Marsh again though the diversity of Warblers in the spring is limited it does shine for them in the fall, other wise Snowy Egrets and Herons are not in shortage .

This Snowy Egret was very trusting at about 120 feet, the max you would want to be to keep the detail on a Bird this size.

Peeps should also be migrating through soon.


S.C.E. said...

You manage to get great feather detail through your scope, something I could never really manage....

Kevin said...

It was very hard with a lot of trial and error with the Snowy Egret

dAwN said...

Great shot! I want to grow up to take photos just like that...tee hee..
I just purchased two new can look at my blog post to see which ones if you are interested.

anyway they are both canons one with 20x zoom and the other 12x I love them both...but I found out I.. cant use either to digiscope..I need a 3x zoom..
I had no clue.
so now I need one more camera..cause my little casio died when it fell into water...
any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Beauty! A wonderful shot!

Doug @ valley

Anonymous said...

hey kevin where are the picture